The Food Processor – The Best Tool for Homemade Baby Food

Why Would You Make Your Own Baby Food?

There are so many reasons you should consider making your own baby food. We all know optimal health can not be achieved without good, healthy foods. The most wholesome foods do not contain preservatives, pesticides and artificial sweeteners yet many of the best-selling baby foods do. By making your own baby food, you control exactly what goes into it. This gives you complete control over the nutritional needs of your baby. Many parents are reluctant to hand this responsibility over to a large company that mass-produces baby food.

Why is a Food Processor the Best Tool?

A food processor is unique among kitchen appliances in that it can produce many different textures. A blender will only produce a smoothly blended end product; a food chopper will only produce a chunky, chopped end product. The food processor will be there throughout the different stages of baby food production, from well puréed to solid chunks.

A food processor will do most of the work for you, making baby food preparation easier and quicker than ever before. You simply put all of your ingredients into the work bowl and process till the desired consistency is achieved.

Any food processor can be used, although some parents prefer to have a dedicated machine. There are several options available ranging from basic machines to complete baby food making systems.

What Should You Use in Homemade Baby Food?

Avocado, squash, bananas and apples tend to be favorites for young children. This is also a great time to slowly introduce greens, such as spinach. Research has shown that dietary choices made during early development shape our sense of taste later on. Make sure any solid foods are well processed to avoid a choking hazard.

Consult with your pediatrician to come up with an ideal menu for your baby. Each child is different and nutritional needs vary greatly. You should ask your pediatrician for the exact amounts and types of food he or she would recommend. In the end, pay attention to how your child reacts to different meals and adjust accordingly.

Tips and Strategies

Stock up on stackable, freezer safe single-portion sized containers. Set aside an hour once a week for food preparation. This should be all the time you need if you are going to use a food processor to help. Freeze into individual portions and pull out the next days meals the night before.

Some parents prefer to do a full months supply all at once. With a mere four hours time you can make sure your child has a month of wholesome meals waiting in the freezer.

How to Find the Best Food Processor

The best way to gather useful insight into any home appliance is through the use of consumer reviews. A food processor is no exception. Reviews can give you honest, unbiased information about a product that you won’t find anywhere else. Go to FOOD PROCESSOR REVIEWS and use the detailed buying guide and thousands of reviews to find the best food processor for you.